BLOG: Still in a deficit but we're out of the drought... What?

BLOG: Still in a deficit but we're out of the drought... What?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We're finally out of our drought! The past two weekends have been WET!


Last week:

Last weekend, we had flooding issues. This weekend, we just had a soggy, gray day.

When you think about that, it's no surprise that we've made such a comeback. We've picked up almost 4" in the month of October and we're only 10 days in. (That puts us about 2" ahead for the month so far.)

Sounds good, right? Here's the thing: We're ahead for the month but still about 4 1/4" behind for the year.

How does that compute? Aren't we still missing out on some rain?

The answer is yes… but that's ok when we're talking about drought conditions.

You get the "average yearly rainfall" for the year is by taking the rainfall total from each of the past 30 years and dividing by 30. It's pretty simple math. The "average yearly rainfall" isn't  how much rain we need for the year. Some years we have more and some years we have less. It's an average – not a magic number.

When it comes to drought, the US Drought Monitor team assesses things like topsoil moisture, the Keetch-Byram Drought Index, vegetation health indices, groundwater levels, reservoir storage and pasture/ range conditions. The amount of rain a particular place has gotten isn't even considered.

We'll let the USDM team worry about all of that. We should just be thankful to be caught up – and enjoy the sun!

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