Celebrate Fall Car Care Month with routine car maintenance!

Celebrate Fall Car Care Month with routine car maintenance!
Charlotte car care tips
Charlotte car care tips
October is a great time of year for a lot of things, including servicing your car! The month of October is Fall Car Care Month which means if you’ve been neglecting seasonal car maintenance for your vehicle, now is the time to get caught up! Visit our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte this month to get your car in tiptop shape.

Get seasonal service at our Charlotte auto service center!

The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping and your vehicle needs car maintenance! Without routine car maintenance in Charlotte, your car will not run as well and may leave you stranded or stuck right during the holidays! The holiday season is stressful enough, so make sure your car is squared away before it gets here!

Fall car maintenance is easy at our Toyota Service Center!

Adventure into autumn with a recently serviced car! For fall, bring your car into our auto service center to routine car maintenance done, like:


When you bring your vehicle to our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte for routine car maintenance, our auto service technicians will check the level and condition of all fluids in your vehicle. Fluids like motor oil, wiper fluid and coolant should be checked regularly. Without a routine oil change in Charlotte, your vehicle’s motor will begin to run rough and may eventually seize up. Coolant is important to have checked to make sure your radiator is being cooled and your engine will not overheat.


Have our Toyota service technicians check the voltage of your car battery to ensure it has enough juice! Dead car batteries lead to a car that won’t start, ultimately making you very late or leaving you stranded. If your battery is old or not functioning well enough, our auto service techs can replace it with a new Charlotte car battery.


Important car maintenance to keep up with, for your safety and the sake of your car, is Charlotte brake service. Your car’s brake system is made up of different parts, all of which need to be inspected and serviced regularly. Have your brake pads replaced, brake rotors checked and brake fluid replaced. Our auto service technicians can take care of that for you in no time!


Have the air pressure checked in your car tires to ensure they are properly inflated as well as wearing evenly. While driving, it is necessary that your car keeps in contact with the ground, and to do that you need auto tires with enough tread to keep traction on the road! Have the professional technicians at our Toyota Service Center check the tread depth on your car tires. If they are too worn down, have them replaced with new car tires.
Celebrate Fall Car Care Month with us at our Toyota Service Center and catch up on routine car service! Make sure your car is in tiptop shape before you head out for fall fun and before the holidays get here. We’re located 13429 Statesville Rd., just off of I-77 at exit 23!