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VIDEO: Little girl interrupts deployment ceremony for the best reason

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When coming home from an 8-month deployment, all eyes are usually on the returning soldiers. You expect for there to be a ceremony, then the soldiers are released, and then they get to reunite with their families.

Tuesday morning, it was a little girl who completely stole the show.

Dressed head to toe in red, white, and blue, a preschooler ran across the William Reed Special Events Center to give her daddy a big hug while he was still standing in formation. She just couldn't bear to wait another second.


KRDO reported more than 240 soldiers returned home to Fort Carson, Colorado Tuesday morning from a deployment to Southwest Asia. Cameras were there to catch every second of their return, and were pleasantly surprised to see the girl break from convention.

She wraps her little arms around his legs and he bends down to hug her back. Content, she races back across the room.

How could you be mad at that?!

"She's excited, she spotted me from a couple rows back and she couldn't contain herself," her dad said Tuesday with his daughter in his arms. "I wasn't going to tell her no, so. Happy to see her."

With a big kiss to wrap up the interview, it's safe to say these two won't let each other out of their sights for a while.

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