When is the right time for your children to log on to social media?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The father of a young girl has sued a major social media company for failing to enforce its age restriction policy after claiming his daughter was exposed to sexual predators when she signed up for an account at age 11.

Granted, she seemingly violated the site's age policy.  However, our Cyber Expert, and CEO of Fortalice Theresa Payton, says parents can use this as a teachable moment.

While most of the big social media sites do have age restrictions, anyone with a little tech savvy would be able to set up an account, and it is really hard for these sites to definitively prove the person signing up is the age they say they are.

That's why Payton says it is so important to have a conversation with your children.  Her advice follows:

What you can do at home:

1.  Discuss this with your child - tell them you do not want them on social media without discussing it first
2.  If you find a Facebook account - .report it to Facebook and they will delete the account promptly.
3.  For those kids that you allow on social media, make sure they don't share their personal details (date of birth, school, and location) on Facebook or other social media sites

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