Students teach about helping others to support Team Molly, breast cancer

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Asked while typing this: "Oh, another breast cancer post?" No. This is not "just another breast cancer post".

This is about an elementary school in Lenoir that's teaching love and the importance of helping others: Lower Creek Elementary in Caldwell County.

Every year this school in Lenoir has a student-led service project that helps give back. (The pictures are from last year.)

This year, these elementary-aged kids dreamed up an involved lesson:

  • Design and sell t-shirts.
  • Get everyone to wear as much pink as possible for breast cancer awareness.
  • Have a tent at homecoming this week to ask for donations.
  • Take up change in a car-pull up line on Friday, October 9th.
  • Give students a chance to write down names of those they honor and/or remember on a bulletin board in the hallway.

Their goal? To raise $3,000 for WBTV's "Race for the Cure" Team Molly, to benefit "Komen Charlotte".

When 5th grade teacher Jamie Boggs reached out to tell me, I couldn't believe it. These kids saw the #TeamMolly Facebook posts and the breast cancer Survivors we featured on the news two weeks ago.

They wanted to help us, help those who fight. The kids say their BIG day to get donations is this Friday.

They're trying to market it in every direction. Hopefully this helps.

I find their intensity and excitement incredibly impressive. Thank you, Lower Creek. Thank you and congrats. You're teaching us all a great lesson.

**This was first published on Molly's Facebook page, which is why it's written in a personal way**

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