BLOG: Armed security guards not present at Oregon community college

BLOG: Armed security guards not present at Oregon community college

It's early October, 2015 and we've now added another town's name to the roll of active shooter targets in America, this time in Oregon.

Another "Anytown, USA" tragedy brings us one step closer to desensitizing the American public toward the rapid carnage created by one lone wolf coward.

For a moment, one community stood frozen in time, stunned and numbed at the same time.  Its collective heart was left hurting with the sound of every round being unleashed by the calculated killer.

He was prepared, the school was not.

With the stroke of a pen, the school's leadership recently decided to post a uniformed security officer armed only with a can of pepper spray at the school, with the responsibility of protecting human life.

It made the point that unarmed security is nothing more than a concierge service, a helpful someone with the legal authority to intervene in an attack, while not having any means of doing so.

Fact versus Fiction 

There is the image of security and then there is the reality of security.  Now granted, guns do not solve all issues.  But as they say, you don't bring a baseball bat to a gun fight.  And as long as the bad guys have the propensity to come into populated establishments with guns and commit murder, those capable of countering that must stand ready. Deploying those protectors still remains the responsibility of the facility leadership.

Due Diligence

We know that schools have been attacked.  We know that movie theaters have been attacked. The message from this to school administrators and movie theater owners is this:  you have been put on notice.  As unfortunate as it is, that your educational institutions and places of recreation have come to the forefront of deranged minds across the country looking for their 15 minutes of fame, you have had thrust upon you an enhanced responsibility of protecting those who enter your properties.  With that responsibility goes the learning curve that you can only ask a security guard with a can of pepper spray to do so much.  My question is, why would you put an unarmed person into that role of protecting you from a potentially armed assailant?

For anyone in a position of authority, if you do not think this pertains to you, just ask yourself this; Where will the next active shooter incident take place? Option A: roll your dice.  Option B: Commit, train and prepare, not to fulfill the image of security, but to prepare for the reality of it.

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