Federal government helps flooding victims, CLT voters return to polls for mayoral runoff - Details on WBTV

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Good morning, it is another busy day in the WBTV newsroom.  We hope you will start your day with us.

The federal government is stepping in to help people who are dealing with the effects of the high water in South Carolina. So far, 10 people have reportedly died in weather and traffic related incidents.

It's an important day in the race for Charlotte Mayor. It is back to the polls today in the runoff to determine whether Dan Clodfelter or Jennifer Roberts will be the Democratic nominee in the race. Our Ashton Pellom is on that story.

New information in Iredell County - at the school where dozens of students were injured when a truck hit a concrete awning and it collapsed. We have a compelling interview with a friend of one of the victims.

I think you'll be pretty shocked when you hear how much the flu costs a family of four. It is a hefty price tag but we are on your side with some advice to help you keep that money in your wallet and keep your family protected.

If you're up in our 5 a.m. hour, you won't want to miss the "cotton candy hot dog," and if you're with us in the 6 a.m. hour, you'll want to see what our executive producer just described to Christine Sperow and I as "just a moose fight".


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