Auto service tips for getting rid of ants! auto-service-tips-ants-in-car

Auto service tips for getting rid of ants! auto-service-tips-ants-in-car
Are you dealing with creepy crawlies invading your car? When ants get into your vehicle, they become a nuisance! Not only are they all over everything, but they can also be dangerous. Imagine, you’re driving and you see a trail of ants marching across the passenger side of your dashboard. While your instinct is to squish them, it’s dangerous to reach across your car while you’re driving. Eliminate the six-legged hazards in your car with these tips from our auto service center in Charlotte.

Tips on how to eliminate ants from our auto service experts!

If you’re currently experiencing an ant problem in your car, you may have noticed it’s pretty difficult to get rid of them. Typically, a critter problem in your vehicle cannot just be waited out. Instead, you’re going to need some tips to help get them out! Our Charlotte auto service experts are sharing ways to help you rid your car of ants and other small insects!
  • A clean car is a happy car! A great way to eradicate the pesky ants in your car is to give your car a deep cleaning. By vacuuming the nooks and crannies of your seats and floors, you can not only get the ants crawling around but also whatever is in your car that the ants find tasty! To save time, you can bring your vehicle to our auto service center in Charlotte to have our hard-working technicians clean your car. We have affordable car detailing that will help you kiss goodbye the ant problem you’re currently facing.
  • Sometimes cleaning just doesn’t completely do the trick. For more extensive ant eviction, use baits and traps to get rid of those pint-sized pests. You can purchase ant traps or baits at your local hardware store and place them under the seat of your car. Be sure to remove these traps before you drive your car again. If you have pets or child passengers, it’s best to get non-toxic traps!

Keep those ants out of your car with Charlotte Toyota service advice!

Typically, ants make their way into your car because you left it somewhere near their colony. Worker ants create trails, and if you happen to park your car amidst their trails you may be taking some uninvited worker ants along for a ride. To avoid unwelcomed bugs in your ride, consider using these tips from our auto service center in Charlotte!
  • Don’t park under trees or near ant piles! If you can avoid it, try to park your car far away from low hanging trees or ant piles as they will find their way to your vehicle more easily.
  • Use diluted bleach or soap to stop the trails of ants on the ground or pavement. This blocks the scent and causes the ants to stop using that trail.