Two HS football teams come together for special moment during game

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's amazing the power that a simple sport can have. It can teach you life lessons, introduce you to teammates and coaches that will become family, and it can even bring a community together.

In case you missed it: On Friday the Crest Chargers hosted the Chase Trojans. Crest had control of the ball in the last minute of the game and took two consecutive knees to give the Trojans the ball with 14 seconds left. On the final play of the game Chase's Brendan Thompson (known
as Twink to his teammates) would get the handoff and take it all the way back for a 67 yard touchdown run!

Brendan is a special needs player on the Chase team. After he scored the TD he was met by not only his teammates, but the Crest team as well for an awesome end zone celebration.

I talked to fans from Crest and they said as many awesome plays that have happened on that field, this one is by far the best.

We also received an e-mail, telling us that Cam Newton is his very favorite player and he kept doing the "Superman" all night.

A special thanks to the people who sent in this video from the game and the people who reached out through e-mails! We appreciate you!


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