Emergency management prepared for flood waters in York County

Emergency management prepared for flood waters in York County

YORK COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - Emergency management officials are ready for the rainfall this weekend.

Chuck Haynes, York Count Emergency management Director, said he is ready for the expected wind and rain forecasted for the area.

Haynes said his team is anticipating seven inches of rain this weekend, but he wouldn't be worried about anything in between three and 10 inches. He said he has been having conversations with public safety officials in the area in preparation for the weather.

Haynes advises members of the public to stay indoors this weekend and avoid the flood waters if at all possible.

"We know we're gonna have flood waters. Some is going to be standing waters. Some is going to be moving water. If they can avoid it that would save us equipment and putting our personnel in harm's way," Haynes explained.

He said the College Downs neighborhood in Rock Hill had previously experienced flooding during storms. Neighbors in the community spoke about the risk of flooding.

"I don't think nobody should be out this weekend because we don't know what's gonna happen," said Kenya Davis.

Haynes said his team will probably be working long hours this weekend, and will continue to monitor the weather situation.

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