BLOG: Why Such a Flooding Fear?

BLOG: Why Such a Flooding Fear?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The predictions of rain are heavy, no doubt about it. But let's think about this. We've been in a drought much of the summer. And even if we're talking about two, three, four even five inches of rain, we're also talking about three-day totals, not five or six hours which can happen.

So why so much concern about flooding?

The answer lies in our weather the past week. Look at the pictures. Charlotte and most of the surrounding area has had rain for seven straight days. It added up to 1.57" here in Charlotte. But if you look at the map, you'll see areas around Hickory had two to four inches of rain, and in the northern foothills and mountains, we had reports in the eight to ten inch range.

Suddenly our parched ground is becoming very soggy and saturated and the local creeks and streams have been steadily filling up.

Now look at the map with forecast precipitation amounts through Sunday. The amounts here range from three inches on the northeastern end of our viewing in Rowan county, to near seven inches in our foothills around Cleveland and Burke county. These amounts will surely create problems in creeks and streams.

Because of low water levels from the summer, our major rivers and lakes should benefit from the rainfall, and this storm system may well put an end to our drought.

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