PHOTOS: Bucket list gives dog with cancer a final farewell

PHOTOS: Bucket list gives dog with cancer a final farewell

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It is a time every pet owner fears. Sometimes the day comes without warning, but other times you get a chance to say goodbye.

That was the case with WBTV's Sarah-Blake Morgan and her dog, Cassie. When Cassie was recently diagnosed with cancer, Sarah-Blake was told she didn't have long with her beloved pet.

So she decided to make the most of her best friend's last days, completing a Bucket List for Cassie to make sure her last days were happy.

Sarah-Blake shared her and Cassie's experiences on her Facebook page.

"Hi friends, this is Cassie... Looks like I only have a few days left before I have to go to heaven. The veterinarian says I have this bad thing called cancer and I'm getting really tired. But don't be sad, I get to do all these fun things with my family before I leave. Did I leave anything off my list? I'll be sure to post pics. Love, Cassie"

The list included everything from eating McDonald's and ice cream to having a dog party and going to the park. The photos posted show a dog who was clearly loved by her owner, and who clearly loved her in return.

Sarah-Blake and Cassie were able to check off everything on the list before she passed away Thursday morning.

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