WBTV Secrets: Chris Larson's secret love

WBTV Secrets: Chris Larson's secret love

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Station Secret time! Today's is about Chris Larson WBTV!

You may know he grew up right here in Boone – but did you know how much he loves to ski? He started early and was on Ski Patrol from high school through his time at Appalachian. Yep! He worked for Ski Mountain in Blowing Rock.

It was actually his love for skiing that eventually led him to the love of his life. THAT's the secret!

Chris was working as a meteorologist in Charleston, SC when he decided he was way too far from the snow and mountains. He took a job hosting a television show for Heavenly Mountain Resort in California/Nevada. It was a live morning show for The Resort Sports Network. He hosted, did interviews and of course - weather. He also worked in the Marketing Department. That's where the real magic happened!

That's where he met his wife, Meliss. It was love in the Sales and Marketing Department...

He first saw her when she was there to interview for a Sales Rep position. He saw her in the lobby but didn't actually meet her until about a month after she got the job. He asked her out and they've been together ever since. They are both huge fans of skiing –and of each other as you can see in the pictures.

PS: He also loves doughnuts. I've been sitting beside him for about half an hour and he's mentioned that about 5 times… and had 2 doughnuts. When Chris loves something, he does NOT set it free!

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