Crime Stoppers: Would-be yogurt robber foiled by cell phone

Woman tries to rob yogurt shop, fails

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - An attempted robbery of a yogurt shop, foiled by a phone call.

From surveillance, we see a young woman walk into the TCBY on Ballantyne Village Way shortly after noon. She was dressed a bit strange for the weather conditions at the time, said CMPD Detective Tori Roddey.

"A dark, red flannel shirt, a female maybe 5'4" and very skinny - maybe 100 pounds - with her hair pulled back and some aviator sunglasses," Roddey said.

She's the only customer at the time, and she told the clerk she was waiting for someone else. She procrastinated for 15 minutes, then went to the yogurt machine to draw a desert.

A few minutes later, we see her go to the counter to pay. But she fumbled through her very large black purse.

"She goes to the register and says, 'I forgot my wallet, but my mom's going to be here soon so she'll pay for it.'"

After enjoying her frozen yogurt, another seven minutes go by and no mother is there to pay the bill.

She returns to the checkout counter and this time, she's not paying. She demands money from the register and calmly issues a threat.

According to Detective Roddey, "She first told her to give me all the money out of the register, and once the lady asked, 'are you joking?' she said, 'don't let me harm you.'"

With that threat, the clerk told police it was suddenly no laughing matter. The clerk thought the woman might have a weapon in her purse.

But at that very moment, the clerk's cell phone rang. And, surprisingly, the clerk answered it.

With the clerk talking to a manager at another store, the would-be robber simply walked out of the store empty handed.

"I don't know if that scared the young lady but as soon as the phone rang and she got on the phone, she darted out of there."

Detective Roddey says the threat coupled with the attempted robbery puts this young woman on a list of people they'd like to apprehend.

Do you know anything about her? If so, call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600 and your reward money will insure your mom won't have to come buy your yogurt.

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