Tuesday is National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day

BOONE, NC (WBTV) - Cups clinked around the country Tuesday as people come together to celebrate the revered beverage of the wide-eyed and bushy tailed - it's National Coffee Day.

We went to Espresso News in Boone to ask people why they love coffee.

"It opens the mind, it helps us to concentrate," said Eddie, an employee at the downtown shop. The sentiment was much the same for other patrons enjoying a cup of Joe.

"I might die without coffee, I might actually die," said Ian Evans, a senior at Appalachian State.

The drink dates back thousands of years and every year, Americans consume millions of cups.

Some people won't drink the brew unless it's from beans fresh out of the roaster. Others are fine just to have a cup of caffeine no matter where it came from.

Tuesday is the day to celebrate the drink that wakes us up and keeps us up.

Here's to a giant cup of steaming coffee!

The day is trending on social media right now using the hashtag #NationalCoffeeDay.

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