Teach your new teen driver these safe driving tips!

Teach your new teen driver these safe driving tips!
Did your teen just get their driver’s license and now you’re a nervous wreck? Feel better about them being out on the road when you teach your teen these safe driving tips from Toyota of N Charlotte! 
Did you know that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death in 15 to 20 year olds? Driving can be dangerous so it’s important to make sure your teen is ready to face the dangers of the road. We want to help keep your teen safe behind the wheel.

Keep your teen safe in a N Charlotte Toyota

Before you put your teen out on the road, make sure they’re driving a safe vehicle. At our new Toyota dealership near Charlotte we sell safe vehicles and some of the best cars for teens. Have peace of mind knowing your teen is safe driving a new Toyota near Charlotte. All new N Charlotte Toyota cars have high safety ratings and come with the latest and greatest safety features and systems like:
  • The Toyota Star Safety System with 6 different safety features designed to protect your teen from the hazards of the road.
  • The Advanced Airbag System which is arranged to protect your teen from the impact of an unavoidable collision.
  • A tire pressure monitoring system that alerts your teen driver when the tire pressure in any of the four tires is too low or too high.

Safe driving tips for your teen!

Once you’ve found a safe N Charlotte Toyota for your teen to drive, it’s time to teach them the ways of safe teen driving. Safe driving includes a number of factors including:
  • Always wearing a seatbelt! Most teens learn safe driving by example, so it’s best to always wear your seatbelt in the car. Seatbelts help prevent injuries caused by collisions and are required by law to be worn.
  • Eliminating distractions! Distractions while driving are more prevalent than ever. 10 percent of all drivers under the age of 20 in fatal crashes were reported as distracted at the time of the accident. Make sure your teen does not drive with any distractions as it can put them and others on the road, in danger.
  • Using defensive driving! An important part of safe driving is driving defensively. Defensive driving tips include being on high alert for other driver’s moves as well as being completely aware of your surroundings. Being able to anticipate other motorists’ moves is crucial to staying safe on the road.
  • Never texting while driving! It can wait! Stress to your teen that texting and driving is extremely dangerous and to avoid temptation, to keep their phone out of sight and out of reach!
To ensure your teen is driving safe, come up with a safe teen driving contract! These contracts could include rules such as a nighttime curfew, obeying the speed limits and road rules as well as pledging not to text and drive or drive distracted.
To schedule a test drive in a safe new Toyota near Charlotte or for more safe driving tips, just give us a call at (888) 883-3797!