Despite rain, crowds gather for homicide vigil in Concord

Despite rain, crowds gather for homicide vigil in Concord

CONCORD, N.C. (WBTV) - Several members of the Mothers Of Murdered Offspring group met in Cabarrus County Sunday night for a special vigil.

The life of homicide victim Kenya Venable was honored. Venable was shot and killed Monday in Concord's Logan Community.

Nearly 100 people showed up for the event despite the damp weather. Concord police officers were also in attendance for the event.

"It's very impressive to me. It lets me know that people love Kenya and his life mattered," said Kendra Venable, the victim's sister.

Loved ones spoke about Venable and his personality. They remembered him fondly and shared memories of the past.

"I loved my son to the utmost. There was nothing I wouldn't do for him- no place I wouldn't go and travel for him," said Jackie Hall, the victim's mother.

Captain Betty Stocks, a member of the Concord Police Department, spoke at the vigil Sunday. She said she grew up in the neighborhood where the homicide happened.

"We wanted to be here to let the community know we are out to solve this case and we want to bring some closure for the family," Stocks said.

Police officers and loved ones called for Venable's killer to come forward and turn themselves in.

"Whoever the gunman was, we can't hold that against them. We have to show them love and compassion and try to make a difference out here in these streets," said Hall.

There are no suspects in the case at this time, police say.

Officials ask anyone with information connected to the shooting death of Venable to call them at 704-920-5000 or Cabarrus County Crime Stoppers at 704-93-CRIME.

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