Deputies and police have teamed up - now what?

Deputies and police have teamed up - now what?

ROWAN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Earlier this week, the Rowan County Sheriff's Office and Salisbury Police Department annouced they were teaming up to combat the recent uptick in incidents of violent crime.

"Criminal activity knows no boundaries and having our two agencies combine resources, and share information, will hopefully provide better services and better results for the citizens," Sheriff Kevin Auten said.

Chief Rory Collins said the police department want to "utilize every resource necessary to battle criminal activity that plagues its community and causes its citizens to live in fear."

Nearly a week after the teaming up was annouced, WBTV went back to investigators and asked if any results had been yielded.

The two departments have teamed up for more than 135 traffic stops this week and have issued nearly 50 citations.

Law enforcement officials served nine warrants and seized 77.3 grams of marijuana, 30 pills, .2 grams of crystal meth, a rifle and a machete.

WBTV will continue to check on the partnership to see what happens.

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