Ready or not, Windows 10 is waiting for you

Windows 10 automatic download

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - You may not be ready to download Windows 10 to your PC but Microsoft has it ready for you when you are.  So ready, in fact, that it's already sitting there in the background of your system waiting.

Microsoft says it helps up-gradable devices get ready for Windows 10 by downloading the files those who have chosen to receive updates through Windows Update will need if they decide to upgrade.

That certainly is convenient.

However, our cyber expert is warning you might want to uninstall it for now until you are ready.  Theresa Payton, CEO of Fortalice Solutions, shares her advice below:

Why is this an issue?

1.  the file is large and some people might have the storage for it...In some cases the file could be 6GB in size!

2.  the first upgrade of software can be a bit buggy so you would want the latest version not the original

3.  Where to look?  Look on your computer for a folder called $WINDOWS.~BT  -- you may have to enable hidden folders to see it

4.  If you want to remove it, you can't just "delete" it, you will need to take 2 steps:  (1)  go to Windows Updates and click on 'Installed Updates'. and (2)  Find the update called KB3035583 and uninstall it.

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