Pistol packing pastor

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom.  We’re on late tonight after the NFL game, but if you’re still up, make sure to watch a couple of interesting stories.

Ever seen one of those Duck Boats?  In Seattle today, a Duck Boat crashed into a tour bus, killing four people and injuring dozens.  It brings into question how safe those amphibious vehicles are for passengers.

Pastor Brenda Stevenson was at a shooting range today, qualifying for her concealed carry permit.  The pastor says after the Charleston church shootings, she wants a gun in her pulpit.

And the assistant coach who ordered his players to take out a referee during a high school game has resigned.  Team members say the ref was making racist remarks.  Two players blindsided him.

Delano Little says the jury is still out on whether Luke Kuechly will play Sunday.  Plus, Eric Thomas says get out the umbrellas, we’re in for a soaking.

Join Molly Grantham and me after the game!