Real Life Survivor: A 39-year-old man fighting breast cancer

Man opens up about breast cancer battle

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Our week-long series on breast cancer survivors continues with an unexpected patient. His name is Bobby Turner.

Bobby is one of the 1-in-1,000 men diagnosed with what's typically considered a women's disease.

"I found out when I felt my own knot on my chest this past February," the 39-year-old said.  "The whole time I thought, surely not."

But it was. Doctors diagnosed him with breast cancer.

Bobby had beaten leukemia as a child, when he was 16.  He says doctors told him the treatments from his childhood cancer might be what caused his breast cancer.

In April, Bobby had a mastectomy.  He's currently in the middle of intense chemo treatments.  Radiation comes next.

"I'm tired and worn down right now," he says.  "Mostly because I'm still trying to work through all of it.  I have to.  I need the insurance and just because I'm sick doesn't mean bills stop coming."

Bobby works at SQI in Hickory - a company connected to the automobile industry.  He said his bosses understand his situation and are very supportive.

Next Saturday, October 3rd, Bobby and his mom, Vanessa, and his fiancée Monica, are all going to be at Komen Charlotte's "Race for the Cure".  They've never been.  It'll be their first trip there.

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