Domestic dispute

Hello everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom getting set for tonight's 11:00 broadcast.

We're going to hear from some Charlotte Catholics who are headed to Washington, New York and Philadelphia for Pope Francis.  They'll tell us why they're making the trip and what they expect from the pontiff's first-ever trip to America.

According to police, a mother shoots a father while picking up their kids from a local school.  He is in the hospital tonight and we're asking authorities what led to this violent domestic dispute.

And, Molly Grantham got a visit from former Panthers star DeAngelo Williams who has come back to Charlotte to help promote the Komen Race for the Cure event.  You'll hear what DeAngelo says about the cause of fighting cancer in memory of his late mother.

Plus, Homer is back home.  The Charlotte Knights' mascot, Homer the Dragon, had his suit stolen after the Beerfest on Saturday night.  But police have a culprit and Homer was passing out hugs of relief today-- even giving Panthers quarterback Cam Newton a big squeeze.

Please join us for Charlotte's best news at 11:00 tonight after the debut of the new CBS show, "Limitless."