Mothers demand answers after they say two assaulted at Carowinds

Mothers demand answers after they say two assaulted at Carowinds

YORK COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - Two mothers are demanding answers after they say their teenage sons were assaulted inside Carowinds over the weekend.

WBTV continues to ask park leaders about security procedures after many viewers complained about fights inside and outside the park during the popular 'Scarowinds' event.

A park spokesperson said two 16-year-olds were assaulted outside of a restaurant inside the park Saturday night. Both teenagers' mothers spoke to WBTV, but asked that we not reveal their identity since no arrests have been made.

"He was hysterical, all he could get out to me was mommy, mommy, I've been jumped," said one of the victims' mothers.

The woman said her child called her after the assault that happened just before the park closed. She said he is an employee who was there with a friend off the clock.

"You're terrified. It is truly a mom's worst nightmare to get a phone call like that from your child," she said.

Both victims did not know their attackers, according to a report by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

"Some big guy approached him from behind, picked him up in the air and then slammed him down to the ground," said one of the mothers.

Shortly after the assault inside, witness video shows a mob of teenagers running through the parking lot as it was closing.

People reported seeing punches thrown and hearing stun guns.

Both law enforcement and leaders at Carowinds said officers did not use the stun guns.

The mothers say the weekend violence highlights the need for more security officers who can control the crowds and keep the peace.

A Carowinds spokesperson said she did not have time for an interview Tuesday because park leaders were meeting about safety and security after this past weekend's events.

Monday, the spokesperson told WBTV that there are always extra deputies from the York County Sheriff's Office and CMPD officers on hand during Scarowinds. Parts of the park are in North and South Carolina.

Carowinds also employs off-duty officers for security, the spokesperson said.

Both mothers say leaders haven't contacted the family since the assault.

They want to know what the park's policy is when it comes to breaking up violent incidents.

"I just want to see better action taken by Carowinds, I want to see more responsibility taken by them to make sure that this doesn't happen to someone else's child," one mother said.

It's unclear if the assault inside is related to the fight in the parking lot. The mob of teenagers moved across the street to parking lots of two gas stations and fast food restaurant.

An employee at one of the service stations told his manager he had to close for a few hours because he felt unsafe.

Another employee at the second gas station said a large group of the teens ran into the store and caused a disturbance while stealing several small items. The employee said police were already on hand, but no additional report was filed.

York County Deputies say a tail light was broken on a squad car during the scuffle.

No arrests have been made in the case.

A Carowinds spokesperson did not respond to WBTV's request to learn what was discussed in Tuesday's safety and security meetings.

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