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Sheriff: Husband shot by wife at elementary school in critical condition, no arrest yet

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The Iredell Sheriff said two kids are with their grandparents after their mother shot their father outside Central Elementary school in Statesville.

The shooting happened at Central Elementary School around 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. Investigators say the shooting was on school property, but was outside of the school.

According to the Iredell County Sheriff's Office, a married couple and their three-year-old child went to the school in a truck to pick up their other child. When the older child got into the truck, officials said, the wife pulled out a gun and shot the husband.

The older child then ran into the school for help. The wife and the other child also went into the school and the wife laid down the gun, deputies said.

The husband, later identified as Michael Andrew Callicutt, was found on the ground outside his truck and taken to an area hospital for injuries from the shooting. Deputies say he was in critical condition.

The wife was questioned by investigators. Sheriff Darren Campbell says she is a person of interest and is cooperating. No charges have been filed and she has not been arrested. Campbell says investigators want to retrace the events that led up to the shooting.

Officials told WBTV the family was new to the school.

Sheriff Darren Campbell said that although no students were injured, some on a nearby playground may have heard or seen the events unfold.

“There was approximately 75 students and faculty that was here on the scene," Sheriff Campbell said. "Several of them, we don’t know exactly how many, were on the playground, which is sort of thirty yards from where the actual incident happened. But no children were hurt at the time. You know, we do have a few that we heard have said that they did hear the shots and did see some of it.”

Investigators have not released a possible motive for the shooting.

Some are concerned that the mother in this case, the alleged shooter was permitted to enter the school by the principal after the shooting.

“At first it kind of frightened me. I thought maybe that wasn’t the smartest thing for her to do but I feel like they wouldn’t have her in the position if she wasn’t qualified and couldn’t’ have read the situation,” Dana Mclain, a mother of a 3rd grader said. “Since the incident happened in Sandy Hook a few years ago, they have taken very good measures to make sure the school is safe. At the front door, you have to be buzzed in.  And you cannot get in without being buzzed in. I feel like they wouldn’t have let her in you have to be identified.”

A school district spokesperson would not comment on the chain of events, but did applaud the staff of Central Elementary for doing a terrific job and placing the school building on lockdown.

“I think she did exactly what she should have done. I think she had a true concern because she has kids at this school also. And I think she did exactly what needed to be done,” Howard Hare, a father of a 1st grader said.

A sheriff deputy was at Central Elementary School in Statesville all day Wednesday. And the sheriff explained he wasn’t there because the kids were in danger, he was there to offer counselors support. And if kids had questions about law enforcement he could answer them. The school district says counselors were there as well to speak to students. And for those students who didn’t want to speak about it, they were encouraged to draw pictures. A message was sent to all of the parents Tuesday night. And there were some big questions to answer from students.

“I know it’s really tough for kids this age to comprehend something of that measure,” Hare said.

“And I want him of course to know that this is a safe place for him to be. I wouldn’t have let him come to school today if I’d felt like there was any danger,” Mclain said, “Just making sure that he felt safe. Trying to help him to understand that this is a hard thing for his friend to go through and that we need to be praying for the mom and the dad.” 
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