Real Life Survivor: Waxhaw mom fighting hard for the second time

Local woman battles breast cancer

WAXHAW, NC (WBTV) - We often hear the words "breast cancer", but do you realize how breast cancer actually impacts people and families in our city?

One in eight women. One in 1,000 men.

Each survivor is a story and some people, like mom Robyn Stephens from Waxhaw, is also a lesson in attitude.

"They found it, again in my lymph nodes and my neck and chest, my lower back and pelvis and then my rib," she said. "But on the positive side, it's not in my liver or lungs or brain, so that to me is a huge win."

Robyn is young. Just turned 40.  Has two kids ages 9 and 7.

Two days after our interview, her hair fell out. She knew it was going to happen. She was candid in saying there aren't a lot of treatment options for her left.

"Everything else I've already done," she said. "I've done the mastectomy. I did chemo and it didn't work. I did the Tomixifon and it didn't work. And it's funny to hear them say, 'Your treatment failed'."

Like many go-get-'em women fighting this nasty disease, she is battling hard. She says she'll be on treatments the rest of her life.

"It's different this time." she says. "The first time it's like treat it and beat it. This time it's like, treat it and stay alive."

She has an amazingly positive attitude.  One thing she says she always looks forward to is where she'll be two Saturdays from now on October 3rd.

"I'll be at Komen Charlotte Race for the Cure in Uptown," she says. "I'll be joined by 17,000 people. All of us Racing for a Cure. It's the most positive, amazing day. It makes me feel supported in ways I never expected. I wouldn't miss it – and I wouldn't have my kids miss seeing it – for the world."

If you'd like to join us on October 3rd, WBTV invites you to join our "Race for the Cure" team, #TeamMolly. Click here to register.

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