Charlotte's Tremont Music Hall is closing after two decades

Charlotte's Tremont Music Hall is closing after two decades

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - After 20 years of music, an iconic music hall has announced it will shut its doors for good.

Tremont Music Hall announced Monday that the venue will be closing it's doors on December 19th. Owner, John Hayes, broke the news on the venue's Facebook Page.

"Tremont Music Hall has been a home to me and many local, regional, and national acts for the past 20 years," Hayes wrote. "Not only has it been my great honor to own Tremont the past 5 years but it has been a greater joy to get to know the many fine musicians, wrestlers and comedians that Tremont has hosted."

Haye is the venue's third owner.

"Sadly, some things must change as economic prosperity moves into South End," Hayes continued. "Unfortunately, our building has been sold and we will be closing our doors on December 19th. We have a very special show planned on our final day to say thank you to some of the local bands that have supported us through the years."

The building, located at 400 W. Tremont Ave., has been sold as development in the SouthEnd neighborhood continues to move down South and Tryon, according to The Charlotte Observer.

"My hope is that the 20 years of Tremont Music Hall will be remembered fondly," Hayes wrote. "As we have worked very hard to make everyone who came through our doors feel like part of 'The Tremont Family'."

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