Improve your carpool with these easy tips!

Improve your carpool with these easy tips!
Have you been thinking of ways to save money on gas? You should consider starting a carpool! Carpooling is a great way to cut down on fuel costs and even lower emissions into the environment. If you have a group of people going to the same or similar destination as you, organize a group to ride together! A successful carpool can be accomplished easily, and we’re sharing tips on how to do so! If you want to improve your morning commute and put some extra cash in your pockets –use these helpful pointers from Toyota of North Charlotte!

6 ways to improve your carpool experience!

If you’ve had previous carpooling experiences that weren’t all that great, or are currently in one, then we want to help you! Instead of dreading your trip to work or school in the morning, look forward to an enjoyable commute!
  • Nail down a group and a schedule! It’s important to establish who will be participating and who will be driving. Figure out a day that is best for each person to have as their designated driving day.
  • Be ready on time! Everyone runs on different schedules, so it’s important to be respectful of others’ time constraints. Do your best to be punctual and be ready when the carpool vehicle arrives to pick you up.
  • Discuss rules and etiquette for the car. Be respectful of others’ cars. Talk about music choices, seating arrangements and various rules like eating or talking on the phone in the car.
  • Have a backup plan! People get sick and sometimes it happens to be the person that is responsible for driving that day. Instead of panicking, always have a person available to drive in case of unexpected instances.
  • Plan on how to split expenses. Determine how the group will split costs such as fuel, tolls and parking fees. By establishing this early you can avoid stress and confusion.
  • Have a good method of communication! Nowadays, it’s convenient to have a group text message so you can ensure everyone in the carpool received the message. Of course, you do not want to text and drive so you should have a passenger in your N Charlotte Toyota text the group instead.

Carpooling is carefree in a N Charlotte Toyota!

If you want to try these easy carpool tips, but need your own vehicle you should visit our friendly new Toyota dealership near Charlotte. We have excellent minivans and SUVs that are perfect for carpooling. Ideally, you want a vehicle with a large seating capacity as well as enough cargo room and of course great features like turn-by-turn navigation and real time traffic and weather reports.
Available in many of our N Charlotte Toyota SUVs and minivans is the Entune Premium Audio with Navigation and App Suite. With this optional feature you can input a destination and let Entune do the work! Route your way to work or school with ease. You can even determine if you need to find an alternate route by checking the traffic conditions using the available Entune App Suite!
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