High-tech tailgating

High-tech tailgating

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Carolina Panthers play their first home game of the season this weekend.  Many of you may be tailgating before the big game.

Jason Brown from Staymobile stopped by WBTV News Saturday Morning to share some game-day tech tips to give you a high-tech tailgating experience.  Some of his advice follows:

Tips on how to use to technology during your tailgating experience:

•         Scoreboard Watch – Scoreboard watching is a crucial part of college football season. Sometimes the outcome of other games that are being played can have more impact on your team than the game they are actually playing in. There are plenty of different football apps and websites available, but finding the best one for your school and its conference can be difficult.

•         Grill Smarter – New smart grills will be all the rage this football season with the ability to control food temperatures directly from your smartphone. Additionally, apps are available in the Android and iOS market place that can help you grill smarter and introduce you to new delicious recipes.

•        Don't Fumble – While you and your friends are tossing around the pig skin, a phone or tablet that is unprotected won't bounce back to you like a dropped football. There are a number of highly protective cases that will keep your devices protected during a fun game of two-hand touch.

•        Charge Up – All day spent tailgating and at the game can leave your devices running out of juice by half time. Have portable chargers and accessories on hand so you can stay connected for long periods of time.

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