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BLOG: Retraction on one of my earlier blogs!


I, Delano Little, being of sound mind and body, would like to take this time to make a retraction to one of my earlier blogs that I posted about three weeks ago in which I guaranteed that this year I was going to win my first ever Fantasy Football Championship.

I now apologize. I was strictly speaking on raw emotion because my efforts to win a title in my first five years of participating have been an exercise in futility.

My prediction was disrespectful to opponents in both leagues!

That’s right I play in two leagues and I still haven’t won a title! It’s downright embarrassing and after week one of this season and a dismal performance at best (worst score in both leagues) I am now retracting my statement and placing both my teams up for sale. 

I am sick of bad luck and failure and I won’t stand for it anymore.

Okay, I’m done feeling sorry for myself. My teams are no longer for sale.

I’m back in the game. A few drop/adds later and I’ll be ready for week two!


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