Blog: Just how dry is it?

Blog: Just how dry is it?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We all know it has been dry but it's hard to actually picture our deficit. Check out the attached shot of Lake Wylie taken by Pete McElveen. Look at the difference between August 8 and September 13 of this year. That's a big difference in the water level over a pretty short time – just a little over a month.

Notice some of the differences. The lake level is obviously lower. It would be full at the tree line. The dock looks almost naked and the steps don't go into the water as I'm guessing they would if the lake was full.

Another thing that has been a problem is debris which was under the water is now showing up again. That has affected boats and swimmers on some area lakes.

Maybe one of the most noticeable things is the grass. I look at my yard and wish grass would grow (due to the lack of rain). This grass is growing in a place that would typically be covered by water. It can do that also due to the lack of rain.

While we're at it, check out the North Carolina Drought Monitor. The WBTV viewing area ranges from Abnormally Dry to Severe Drought (levels 0-2).

This time of the year typically sees less rain than other seasons. The good news is that temperatures are a little cooler so there isn't as much evaporation as there is during the summer.

Still, we don't have a chance of rain until next week as an upper level disturbance moves into the Carolinas. We're several days out though.

Hopefully that forecast will hold so we aren't left high and dry again.


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