Toddler girl badly burned in gas can explosion

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Good afternoon, we hope you can join us starting on WBTV News First at 4:00.

We are watching for updates in the breaking news we were following yesterday. A toddler girl badly burned when a gas can exploded in a family's backyard. WBTV's Michael Clark is on the story today and will be live at 4:00.

A couple big developments today in the Charleston Church Shootings case. The suspect Dylan Roof wants to cut a deal with prosecutors, plus one of his friends is now a target in the on-going investigation.

Our education reporter is following an important story in Gaston County. SAT scores are falling. Dedrick Russell is looking into the reasons and what is being done about it.

Charlotte voters went to the polls yesterday. The plan was to reduce the field to two in run for mayor. It didn't happen. Democrats Jennifer Roberts and Daniel Clodfelter are headed to a runoff. We're asking who can vote and how much this will cost.

Some troubling allegations have been made in Hickory. There are reports that tenants who are clients of the Hickory Housing authority were sexually harassed. Sounds like a lawsuit will be filed. David Whisenant is getting answers on that story.

Paul Cameron has his weekly Crimestoppers report. A brazen robber gets the attention of CMPD in west Charlotte. It's what the robber said to the store clerk that makes this case different.

And CMPD Police Chief Kerr Putney is talking to our reporter Pamela Escobar about the new body cameras on every officer, plus how those officers are being trained in use of force protocols.

Lots to get to today, we'll see you starting First at 4:00. 

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