Charlotte takes a step towards electing a new mayor

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We're tracking some important stories that will impact your day to day life over the next couple of years.

First, in Charlotte it is election day. Voters are casting ballots in the mayoral primary. We'll find out today which Republican will run in the fall. We'll also see if a Democrat can emerge from a crowded field, or if there will have to be a runoff.  WBTV's Steve Crump will have the latest on WBTV News First at 4:00.
Also, how will your tax money be spent over the next couple years? State Senators in Raleigh have just begun floor debate on a new state budget. Dedrick Russell will tell us how the spending plan will affect your household budget.

You've heard all about the rash of violence around Charlotte over the past few weeks. CMPD held a news conference today to update the community on what it is doing to stem the tide. Some of what the officers said today was really eye opening. Sharon Smith is following the story for us.

It's your house, should you be able to fly a flag out front? Lots of folks in Belmont are talking about this today. A community has banned all flags, including the American Flag. Alex Giles is getting the details on that story at 5:00.

Noise complaints are mounting near the airport. Not the big one in Charlotte, the regional one in Concord. The airport that is said to be home to the NASCAR air force is getting busier. Neighbors have noticed and they are not happy. David Whisenant takes us inside the debate at 5:30.

Another suburban county just outside Mecklenburg finds itself struggling with growth issues. Schools are overcrowded, parents are frustrated and they want solutions. We're asking questions. Brody O'Connell will have more at 6:00.

Lots to get to today and it all starts First at 4:00. 

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