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BLOG: Warming trend about to return...rain unlikely to return soon...

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High pressure is firmly in control of the weather across the eastern half of the nation this week.

At the onset, it was a cool weather system, promoting afternoon readings in the unseasonal 70s and record low morning temperatures in the 40s.

But now, as the high subtly changes character, readings – both during the day and at night – will rebound to above normal in the very near future. It won’t be a dramatic increase, more on the order of a degree or two each day going into the weekend. 

Barring any interaction with the tropics, late summer and early autumn often times bring us dry and fair weather, so there’s nothing too unusual taking place here. The problem is, following a long, hot and dry summer, we’re in need of rain.

As of right now, Charlotte is running a nearly seven inch deficit year-to-date, and other portions of the western and central Carolinas are more than 10 inches in the hole.

Regarding the precipitation forecast, rain chances all across the WBTV viewing area – and much of the interior Southeast - remain extremely low through the end of the week. 

In fact, they're close to zero through Saturday, perhaps increasing just a tiny bit as we close out the weekend on Sunday. 

See the weather maps for the Friday and weekend time frame.

There’s not much hope for rain until perhaps late on Sunday when a weak front is forecast to move in. But at this point, I’m not too excited.

So, while the weather here now is quite pleasant, the lack of rain is troubling, especially for those who’ve invested time and money attempting to resurrect their lawns and gardens.

More than likely, the sky overhead will be dominated by sunshine and not rain clouds for the foreseeable future.

Again, that’s not uncommon for this time of the year, but not good timing considering where we’ve come from.

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