CMS compromises thousands of potential employees' personal information

CMS compromises thousands of potential employees' personal information

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Thousands of people have had their personal information released after a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) employee made a "mistake" and sent the information to another party.

According to CMS officials, people who have applied for jobs within the district are the ones at risk. 7,600 applicants were affected.

School officials admit one of their employees sent the information to a third party by mistake.

"While performing legitimate work duties, a CMS employee entered into a work agreement with a vendor prior to obtaining proper authorization," school officials said. "The action resulted in the unauthorized release of confidential data. CMS takes the unauthorized release of information seriously and promptly informed all affected applicants as required by law."

CMS sent letters to all those effected and has said it is working to resolve this matter.

"CMS has worked collaboratively with the vendor to ensure the sensitive information was destroyed and has taken measures to prevent any additional release of information," school officials said.

WBTV has asked if the employee who made the mistake has been disciplined. We have not heard back yet from the district.

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