Memorial service held for child killed in Charlotte shooting

Memorial service held for child killed in Charlotte shooting

Loved ones and members of the public got a chance to pay their last respects to Kevin Calderon Rodas Sunday afternoon. Dozens of people gathered in the Rosadale Funeral Home in Charlotte for the somber event.

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Rodas was shot and killed at a birthday party on Fieldvale Place in Charlotte last weekend. He was just seven years old. Rodas' killing was one of five that took place over a violent Labor Day weekend in Charlotte.

Some of Rodas' family members spoke about their grief in an interview with WBTV Sunday afternoon. Edgar David, Rodas' brother-in-law, spoke through translator Rafael Santiago, another family member.

"This is a terrible day for the family and even though the little boy was his brother-in-law, he loved him as a little brother," Santiago explained for David.

The family members expressed that they lost a loved one far too soon.

"He was too young to die at that age especially the way his life was taken from him," said Santiago.

No suspect has been named in Rodas' killing. The family members said they are still longing for justice. They said they had been assured by police that officers were working hard on the case.

"He doesn't want any other family, no matter what race, to suffer the loss of a child and he wants justice," Santiago said for David.

Family members weren't the only ones in attendance Sunday. Janetta Guinn explained that her son was friends with Rodas in school.

"I couldn't believe that someone in my son's class had been killed and in that manner. It was really a shock," Quinn said about Rodas' murder.

She described the violence in Charlotte as 'senseless' and 'ridiculous', and explained that Rodas' service made her emotional.

"That could've been my child. It was very, very difficult for me to watch in there today," she said.

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