See the haunting sights of SCarowinds in a Charlotte used car!

See the haunting sights of SCarowinds in a Charlotte used car!
pre-owned cars in Charlotte
pre-owned cars in Charlotte
Find a new ride to have a spooky and spectacular Halloween at this year’s SCarowinds Halloween Hunt! If you’re looking to have a great night and maybe get scared out of your socks, then take a reliable used car to SCarowinds Halloween Hunt this year! This year at SCarowinds you’ll face chilling mazes and haunting houses, but you can survive in a Charlotte pre-owned car!

Have a spine-chilling adventure in one of our best used cars!

Whether you’re escaping the 7th Ward or wandering in the Bloodyard, you can make it out alive in one of our best used cars in Charlotte!
Take on the lost and tortured souls in the 7th Ward in a Charlotte used car. You can escape this twisted asylum in a used 2009 Honda Civic Auto LX Sedan (Stk #: 5690296A)! After Doctor Devil began using patients for his own experiments and the patients rioted and broke free, those who never made it out still haunt the halls. You don’t want to be left defenseless in this horrifying mental institution. You and 4 of your friends can make your way out in this used Honda with its 4 doors for easy (and fast) access. Guarantee your escape from the asylum for $8,995*!
Are you still having nightmares about high school? Imagine if you attended Zombie High! After a science experiment gone terribly wrong, the students and staff of Pat Hall High School are turned to hungry zombies! Escape the zombie invasion in a used 2009 Volvo S40 2.4L FWD w/ Sunroof Sedan (Stk #: 5710181A)! You can avoid getting your brains eaten in this Charlotte used car for $10,995*! You don’t have to worry about fumbling with the key while you’re running from high school zombies because this used Volvo has remote keyless entry! Keep the zombies out with the power windows and power locking doors!

Pre-owned cars in Charlotte will make your hair stand on end!

Make a silent escape from the Slaughterhouse in a used 2010 Toyota Prius HB II Hatchback (Stk #: 5250300A)! Don’t fall for the gimmick! The meat processing plant is taking guests on tours but when they offer to show you how they put the “magic in the meat,” RUN! Get out quietly in a used Toyota hybrid! This low emission vehicle can save you from being a hamburger for just $11,995*!
If you find yourself strolling through the junkyard of the warehouse district, you may want to turn around. Lurking in the shadows are bloodthirsty vampires –but they’ve already seen you. It’s too late to turn back. Get out of there in a used 2011 Suzuki SX4 HB Man Crossover AWD Hatchback (Stk #: 5180447A)! This pre-owned car has an all-wheel drive drivetrain to help you take on the slippery and slimy conditions of the junkyard! Find a way out for just $7,995*!
Will you make it out of SCarowinds alive? Get out safely in a Charlotte used car! For the perfect escape vehicle, visit us at 13429 Statesville Rd., just off of I-77 at exit 23!

*Price excludes tax, tag, registration, and Administrative fee of $598.50.