'Something made him snap' says mom of man charged with murder

'Something made him snap' says mom of man charged with murder

CONOVER, NC (WBTV) - The mother of a man accused of shooting two people in Conover Wednesday night, killing one, is speaking out.

Resa Williamson says she doesn't understand it. "My son is a good man," she said. She drove up Thursday afternoon to the house where police say her son, Daniel Williamson, shot and killed one man and wounded a woman.

"Something must have happened to make him snap," said Resa.

Conover Police were called to the scene on 3rd Street Olace SW Wednesday night after neighbors heard gunfire at the house were Williamson lived. Lisa Vanhoogen, 28, was seen limping out the front door and yelling, "He killed him and he shot me."

Samuel Hayden heard the shots and saw the woman yell and knew it was trouble.

"I have heard loud arguing from the home before, but nothing like this," Hayden said.

When police arrived they found 25-year-old Michael Beltran on the living room floor, dead from an apparent gunshot wound. The injured woman was rushed to a local hospital and is expected to be all right.

Daniel Williamson, though, was nowhere to be found. Neighbors say just after the gunfire rang out, they saw him jump into a white truck and drive off. As police began their investigation at the scene, they saw a white truck pull up, hit another vehicle, and then a man jumped out of the truck. The neighbors pointed and said that was Williamson.

Police drew their weapons and ordered Williamson to the ground but, Hayden says, the man was yelling and appeared to be "on something." Hayden says Williamson yelled "Obama" and then said, "They tried to set me up." Hayden says he doesn't know what that meant.

Police had to wrestle Williamson to the pavement and the suspect did receive some minor injuries. He was arrested and charged with murder and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. He was taken to the Catawba County Detention Center where he remained, as of Thursday afternoon, without bond.

At the scene, investigators worked to find out why the shooting happened, but are not releasing many details.

Megan Masoud, who says she once was Williamson's girlfriend and is the mother of one of his kids, says the shooting is out of character.

"He is not like this, this is not him," she told WBTV. She blames what happened on drugs. Williamson, she said, had been having some personal problems lately and turned to drugs, especially in the past week. She believes it was methamphetamine.

"I do know he has not been to sleep for a couple of days," she added.

When she last talked with him she said, "It was like I was speaking with someone whose body was taken over by something."

Investigators said they will be looking into any connection to the situation with illegal drugs. For now, Williamson will stay behind bars.

A first appearance in court is scheduled for Friday.


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