#TeamNOSugar Day 21: The Joys of Non-Scale Victories!

#TeamNOSugar Day 21: The Joys of Non-Scale Victories!

(WBTV) - It's Day 21 of our #TeamNOSugar 30 day challenge – which means we are officially in the home stretch! How are you feeling?! I don't know about y'all but I feel AMAZING. So amazing – I just had to share this latest milestone with you!

Remember when I told you about the importance of celebrating non-scale victories or #NSVs?? They are SO important.

See that photo on of me in my #SweatingForTheWedding tank top? I cannot believe how baggy it is NOW compared to when my sister (and fabulous MOH!) gave it to me back in January.

Hellloooo! It just goes to show folks that your hardwork is not represented by the scale ALONE. Please, please, PLEASE don't fall into the "scale is not moving so I'm gonna quit" trap! Don't do it to yourself.

Just DON'T.  Don't be a slave to the scale. It can't tell you any many inches you've lost. How much lean muscle you're building. How you get stronger after each workout. Especially when you can run (or walk) farther or bang out one more rep or move to a heavier set of weights.

Do you hear me?? DON'T BE A SLAVE TO THE SCALE.

Here's the ugly – and yes, unfair – truth. Your weight fluctuates. Like, every, single day! If you're bloated, had too much sodium, not enough water or a carb-y meal. Or for the ladies – if it's that time (you know the time) – your weight can fluctuate anywhere from 3 to 8 pounds that week.


The scale is a finicky, fair weather friend who will turn on you any chance it gets. So don't live and die by the scale. Check in? Yes.

But don't obsess. Please. Take it from someone who had to take a scale hiatus – it's not the ONLY measure of progress.

That's why I get so hype about photos like the one in this post! Or that dress that once used to look like it was painted on it was tight – and it's now hella baggy in the stomach area. Or those white jeans that now make me feel bada** instead of quaking with fear in the dressing room.

Or like another photo in this post – see that animal print dress from my latest fitting room experience? It's a medium. Yeah, marinate on that for a second. A MEDIUM. Perspective? I used to wear double XLs!

So, I implore you to celebrate every victory, every milestone - but especially the non-scale victories. They are more important than you know. And with #MacktoMrs just days away – no one is more proud, more confident, more comfortable in her own skin than this bride-to-be. But looking amazing on my wedding day is just the icing on the cake. The real point-of-pride is knowing I'm now #FitForLife!

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