On watch for more storms to develop this afternoon

Good afternoon, we are busy in the newsroom today and hope you can join us starting on WBTV First at 4:00.

The First Alert Weather Team is keeping us updated on possible thunderstorms this afternoon. Our meteorologists will be the first to tell you if anything turns severe.
We are also On Your Side tracking down the latest information in that rash of killings in Charlotte. We're asking police where they are in the investigations, including the one into the killing of a 7-year-old boy at a birthday party. WBTV's Steve Crump is also finding out if a fear of talking to police is hurting the effort to find the killers.

There's a developing story just south of Charlotte. A mobile home catches fire. One person has been found dead. WBTV's Michael Clark is chasing down the latest information.

We also have an update on a story we had last night at 11:00. Donated hair meant to be turned into wigs for children with cancer was thrown out in the garbage. A lot of folks were really upset. Now we're finding out Great Clips is stepping up to try to make amends.

A program is being expanded in Cabarrus County. It allows you to safely dispose of prescription drugs. It's a big deal because abuse of those kinds of drugs is really skyrocketing. David Whisenant will have the context for us.

A Hickory man gave us a call recently to see if we could help save their property. The gas company wants to buy a piece of his land, but is the company offering a fair price? WBTV's Nick Ochsner is investigating.

And a year after the ice bucket challenge swept the country, we're finding out the cause of fighting ALS continues. We're going to talk live to a woman battling the disease to find out how you can help raise money in the search for a cure.

Lots to get to today. We'll see you starting First at 4:00.