BLOG: Playing against your sibling should be fun!

BLOG: Playing against your sibling should be fun!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Playing against your brother or sister should be fun. Whether it's shooting marbles, or racing in the backyard, many of us have done it and it really gets the juices flowing if you have any kind of competitive nature in your bones.

I must say that pretty much every time I faced my older brothers in some type of sport I was the winner.

I'm sure Jasper and Michael have different memories about our sporting outcomes, but they would be incorrect.

For Venus and Serena Williams there is no discrepancy about their history of playing at the highest level of tennis against each other. Their accomplishments are an open book of success despite Serena's edge in head to head competition.

But however they finish their careers against each other, when you stack their numbers against any other brother, brother, or brother sister, or sister sister professional combo I think they win every time.

What an amazing run for both of you ladies!

Let your racquets do the talking for as long as you can!