Crime Stoppers: Burglar makes double mistake

Police search for self storage thief

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Burglaries at self-service storage units usually involve stealing someone's personal items. But one Charlotte man thought he'd bypass the storage and go hunting in the main office.

He broke in through a back window. And that's when he made his first mistake.

"We're thinking as he made entrance," said CMPD Officer Tori Roddey, "He ended up cutting himself somewhere, which a lot of times happens, believe it or not."

Officer Roddey says police are checking the blood they found against their database, but so far, there's been no match.

While inside, with the alarm sounding, surveillance video shows the thief pilfering file drawer after file drawer. But what was he looking for?

"I guess he's thinking they're hiding the money. But they had their money is a specific spot and he wasn't able to get into it because he was only here for a couple minutes," Officer Roddey said.

Exactly three minutes later, he makes his second mistake. We see him working so diligently at making a mess, he's getting hot under the collar and pulls down his hood. Now we have an unobstructed view of his face - a 30-something black male with receding hairline and full beard.

"We don't know if he got hot or once he got in there he got frustrated," Roddey said, "Probably because he couldn't find what he was looking for, which is money."

The irony is, he didn't get a dime.

If you know anything about this burglary, please call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600. And remember, the crook didn't get his payoff, but you can get a reward.

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