Reflections of the Charlotte Mayor's Debate

RAW: Charlotte Mayoral Debate (Part Three)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It was on air, on line, and on the campus of Queen's University. More than 200 people turned out for the Charlotte Mayoral debate.

Two republicans and six democrats squared off for more than two hours on a number of topics from education to public safety.

If there was a moment of tension, it came early during the GOP portion of the program when Scott Stone and Edwin Peacock clashed over the Charlotte Street car.

"This is the type of dirty politics you're trying to spin in a republican primary," Peacock said. "Hoping to gin up support for those who say I'm not conservative enough."

Stone responded, "So, the streetcar is on my short list of what we cut from the budget, of what's in there right now."

The democrats mainly agreed on many points, but one hot button issue came over whether or not CMPD officer Randall Wes Kerrick should be allowed to come back to work, after charges were dropped against him in the death of Jonathan Ferrell.

"I don't think that officer Kerrick would be able to come back," Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes said.

Mayor Dan Clodfelter sees it differently.

"We should not be commenting on those things in advance," the mayor said.

Candidate David Howard agreed.

"I don't want a future mayor to be quoted in a future court case saying one way or another," Howard said.

Jennifer Roberts doesn't expect him to come back.

"It is hard to envision his ability to return to that department," she said.

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