BLOG: Time to win a Fantasy Football league title!

BLOG: Time to win a Fantasy Football league title!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Okay I've had enough. I've been playing Fantasy Football now for the past five years and it's about time I actually won a championship.

I've finished second once or twice because I made some bad coaching moves in the playoffs that cost me a title, but that's no excuse.

It's time to win because I do not want another long run of futility that I suffered in the office NCAA Basketball survey where I lost 25 straight
years before finally winning the championship this past April.

Yes I was truly the Susan Lucci  of the college basketball brackets at WBTV! But I refuse to let those kind of awful, gawdy numbers that still give me nightmares in hoops haunt my dreams in the world of Fantasy Football.

This is the year I get er done!! And you can bet me your first round pick on that!

Good luck to all of those who are  playing this year except my opponents in my league!