BLOG: Am I cheap??

BLOG: Am I cheap??

So last month marked a momentous occasion in the #SperowsNest - Camryn's very first baby tooth fell you probably read in my blog a couple weeks ago.

The follow-up of what the "tooth fairy" left under her pillow that night has been the subject of debate, even laughter, among my some of my answer, for some, even met by looks of horror!

My parents didn't make a big deal about the whole tooth fairy thing when I was growing up. And I really had to jog my memory to remember that there was maybe one time I got money under my pillow for a baby tooth that fell out - and the money was not green.

Both of my parents worked two jobs to raise all eight of us kids. Those were just the breaks and you lived with it.

At the end of the day, I turned out just fine.

So the day Camryn's tooth fell out my husband and I had a quiet discussion that evening (so not to blow our cover) of how much money to leave under her pillow. I had an amount in my mind.

Are you ready for it?... 50 cents.

And when my husband blurted out what he thought we should give her and said the same exact amount - case closed, no major discussion needed!

Fifty cents is all she needs.

First of all, she's only six-years-old. Whether we gave her 50 cents or 50 dollars, her understanding of the value of that is nominal (excuse the pun). And 50 cents is way more fun because it actually jingles in her little hands and make that fun rattle noise when she d rops it into her piggy bank.

We're teaching her how to be a good steward of money and money is earned not just given and especially not in large quantities.

For the record, she was over the moon when she woke up and saw the two quarters under her pillow the next morning.

I would say Mission: Accomplished.

- Christine Sperow

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