Why you shouldn't check for Ashley Madison connections

Searching for Ashley Madison users

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - When hackers released the email addresses of millions of people found to be using the Ashley Madison cheating website, we all became curious. Could anyone we know be found on the list?

Then websites started popping up that promised to give you that answer if you simply entered an email address you wanted to search.

Now WBTV Cyber Expert Theresa Payton, CEO of Fortalice Solutions, warns that curiosity to check the database may get you in trouble.

First of all, Payton cautions, Ashley Madison has warned it could sue those who try to access the information because they claim it is stolen property.

Second, accessing some of those databases on certain websites may open you up to spyware, viruses and more.  Your anti-virus and anti-malware software might not pick up on these intrusions.

Payton says there are some sites that offer safe ways to search the list. They include Trustify, Cynic.al, and Have I Been Pwned.  Be warned that these sites may soon pull the data down.

Your word of the week is Sobig.F.  It is a new virus spreading right now when unsuspecting users open attachments in e-mails that contain such headings as "Thank you", "Re: Details" or "Re: Wicked Screensaver".

E-mails which seem to come from your friends, family or coworkers should be treated with caution. For a quick fix, go to legitimate antivirus companies such as Sophos, Symantec, or Microsoft, for a removal tool.

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