NC Education Lottery releases BBQ scented scratch off ticket

Lottery tickets smell like smoky BBQ

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - You have to smell it to believe it. After scratching the new BBQ Bucks, the faint smell of hickory smoke wafts into your nose.

"About a year or so ago, some other lotteries came out with a ticket that smelled like bacon," said Van Denton, communications director for the lottery. "So we were sitting around thinking, what would our ticket smell like? And the obvious answer was barbeque."

The ticket made its debut in retail stores Tuesday morning to some fanfare.

"It smells just like NC barbeque," said one man who received a free ticket at a promotional event outside Queen City Q in Uptown Charlotte.

Others didn't experience the same aromatic good fortune... As another man said, "I don't smell anything at all."

Denton says the idea is to pay homage to North Carolina's rich heritage with BBQ.

The ticket sells for $2 and carry a top prize of $25,000. There is also a second chance drawing for 1,000 lbs of BBQ.

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