BLOG: When you can't find the good, you have to be the good

BLOG: When you can't find the good, you have to be the good
Kayla and her now fiance, Matthew
Kayla and her now fiance, Matthew

(WBTV) - "When you can't find , you have to be the good."

It doesn't take too much to figure out why Chris Jackson would be considered an everyday hero. With a motto like that, it was clear that his story needs to be told. This story was discovered by our Digital Content Manager, Chris Dyches.

Dyches talked to Jackson last week, after the story of a young Charlotte-area couple went viral. Kayla Harrity, and her now fiancé Matthew, were seen around the nation last week when Matthew's proposal went viral.  He d ropped the ring in the ocean as he got down on one knee.

Several people jumped in the water to help the young couple find the ring. After about 1.5 hours, someone found it and the young couple got a second chance to have their proposal.

But during the chaos, Matthew's phone was ruined.

Kayla says her sister thought Matthew had a special case on his phone and stuck it under the water to use as a flashlight. It didn't have the case.

That's where Jackson entered the picture. He reached out to WBTV and said he wanted to buy Matthew a new phone to replace his ruined one. He wanted us to help connect him with the couple.

Naturally, Chris Dyches, who is a really good journalist, started asking Jackson questions. His first, "Are you in the cell phone business?"

"Nope, I'm a deputy," he told Dyches. "Just want to do good things for people."

Dyches did a quick Google search and discovered this isn't Wake County Deputy Jackson's first round of paying it forward.

In June, he was featured on WRAL-TV for helping a young girl whose family was the victim of a home robbery.

Thieves bypassed the home's computer, television and video game system but stole a collection of costume jewelry from the bedroom of a 10-year-old girl.

"It just came upon my heart to do something positive in this young girl's life because I didn't want her to remember the negative of this incident," Jackson told WRAL.

He shared the story and had pledges of hundreds of dollars and they were able to replace the things from the little girl's room, plus more.

"We need to look out for each other," Jackson said at the time. "It doesn't matter if you're in a uniform or not, if you've got the chance to help somebody I think you need to take that opportunity and do it."

Jackson messaged WBTV on Thursday, just 24 hours after two journalists were shot and killed during a live television broadcast in Virginia.

After some brief back-and-forth conversation about the bad that happens and the need for more good news, Jackson hit us in the feels with a single line.

"We need to find good. And when we can't find it, we need to be the good."

We reached out to Kayla and Matthew with Jackson's offer. The couple was overjoyed and thankful to hear about his offer.

Luckily, Matthew had insurance on his phone and says he was able to get it replaced with no hassle.

But they urged Jackson to take the good deed he was going to do for them, and pay it forward to "someone who needs it more than us."

We think Jackson has a great heart and love that he stepped forward to offer his help.

His response?

"We need to always look for the helpers."

Thank you, Deputy Jackson, you are truly a Mo's Hero.

And thank you Chris Dyches for finding this wonderful hero!

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