WBTV Secrets: Lyndsay and her fabulous creations

WBTV Secrets: Lyndsay and her fabulous creations

I’m not even sure why, but I wouldn’t have guessed Meteorologist Lyndsay Tapases is a baking fool!

Look at all of her fabulous creations!

She started baking a lot after college… because who has time to bake in college? The thing that really got her into it was when she got a KitchenAid mixer (Yep, the red one!).

I look at those baked goods and think…that would take SO much time! Thing is, she finds it relaxing. She said the firetruck took the most time, but the strawberry cake for her dad also took a while because there were so many layers.

On top of being relaxing, Lyndsay likes knowing where her treats come from and enjoys eating what she has created. Here’s where she’s smart. She bakes it and takes it! If she left it at home, she would want to eat it. I hear ya, sister!

Her favorite things to make are oatmeal chocolate chip cookies… which I’ve never tried. I really like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, Lyndsay…

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