Golf pro at the top of his game with only one hand

LOCUST, NC (WBTV) - Jonathan Snyder doesn't consider it a handicap that he was born with only one hand. None of the other players he beats on a regular basis would call it that either.

The PGA Professional is the general manager at Red Bridge Golf Club in Locust. He was 22 years old when he started playing golf.

"I guess I really developed a passion for golf when this place was being built about 7 years ago," Jonathan said about the Red Bridge course.

It's one of the things though no one really even bothers to mention anymore.

"There's no difference with my golf swing than anybody else's except maybe they swing with two hands."

Jonathan performs a powerful swing and manages well into the 300's off the tee.

"I just ask people to treat me like a regular guy because that's all I am. I just try to do my best at anything I can," Jonathan said.

The only thing better than his game, is his attitude about it.

"Always keep a positive attitude, don't look at the negative things. If you happen to end up in a bunker or something like that that's not necessarily a negative thing," Jonathan said.

It doesn't take PGA pro to figure out he isn't just talking about golf. Maybe there's a bit of a lesson in there about life too.

"I can do anything anybody else can do I might have to find a different way to do it, but there's always a way to get it done," Jonathan said as he sank a birdie.

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