'Remembering Bishop Phillip Davis'

'Remembering Bishop Phillip Davis'

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Monday night, many in Charlotte will honor a well-known pastor who was killed while cleaning a gun at his Union County home over the weekend.

Friends and family of Bishop Phillip Davis are celebrating his life at the place he pastored, Nations Ford Community Church.

His images and words live on through the outlets of social media. In February, Bishop Davis was one of the 28 Charlotteans selected to be part of the Young Black Males (YBM) Showcase.

His Male Leadership Academy of Charlotte was also singled out for good deeds in the community.

On a Youtube Video connected to the project, Davis shares his vision for the next generation.

"I believe in our young men, in our young African American men primarily there is nothing but greatness, it is my responsibility to call out that greatness," he said.

Charlotte's Praise 100 FM delivers inspirational sounds to local gospel music listeners 24 hours a day. Reflections on the passing of Bishop Davis were part of mid-day host Melanie Pratt's broadcast.

Pratt said, "I talked about him a little bit earlier on the air and one of the things I said, apart from being a man of grace, he was somebody who got things done. And his church was a church that gets things done."

Dr. Patrick Graham of the Urban of Central Central Carolinas has reached out to the Nation's Ford congregation to provide assistance to its leadership academy.

"He did not believe himself to be above the people," Graham said. "His was a mixed congregation, and I think it's because he had a universal message of faith that was attractive to the people of his community."

Bishop Davis' written words came in two books that he wrote, and his spoken words remain relevant is keeping a community cohesive during the recent trial of Randall "Wes" Kerrick.

Away from the pulpit, he was a man of positive thinking.

Among his closing words on the YBM video, Bishop Davis said, "Find your passion, and love yourself enough to not let anyone else define you or limit you."


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